About This Department

Department: Department of Theatre and Film Studies
Insitution: University of Georgia
  Athens, GA

The Department of Theatre and Film Studies (https://www.drama.uga.edu) is a unit of the Franklin
College of Arts and Sciences. It offers B.A. degrees in theatre and in film studies, MF A degrees in
performance, design/technology and dramatic media, and the Ph.D. in theatre and performance
studies. The department encompasses the applied and scholarly study of drama in a wide range of
media, including stage, film and 3D computer animation.
The Department produces 6 shows within the academic year, with tiered support. This includes 4
Mainstage shows with full shop support and 2 Studio/Student shows with limited support. Housed
within the Fine Arts Building are our 2 stages: the Fine Arts Stage (680 seating capacity) and the
Cellar Theatre (99 seating capacity). On rare occasions productions have taken place off-site in
local rented theatres or in outdoor amphitheaters and gardens on campus.